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They Laughed at Jesus by Peter Yaremko

Posted on: October 24th, 2016



Luke was not only an evangelist, but also an excellent journalist.

In his account of how Jesus restored life to Jairus’ daughter, Luke included the reaction of the crowd, laughing at Jesus before he performed this miracle: “. . . they ridiculed him.” (Luke 8:53)

Despite the crowd’s derision, Jesus brought the twelve-year-old girl back from the dead. Then, instead of going before the now-silenced crowd to take credit and “build his brand,” he instructed the girl’s parents not to tell anyone how he had performed the miracle.

His was an act of pure mercy.

When things go bad for us or the world we live in, we sometimes blame God, questioning whether he cares about human suffering. But Christ’s selfless raising of Jairus’ little girl demonstrates that the Lord does care—a great deal more than we can know.

His willing compassion to restore life doesn’t depend on whether a person has just died or has been dead for days. In the same way, Jesus can restore our spiritual life no matter how long we have spent ourselves in sin or how badly we have sinned.

Because his mercy knows no bounds—and endures forever.

Our prayer today: Merciful Jesus, let us always be mindful of your compassionate love for us, no matter what. 

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