Church Fathers Speak

St. Augustine, Sermons on 1 John, 2:10

Posted on: September 11th, 2016

The flood of temporal things draws us after itself, but in this flood there is, as it were, a full-grown tree: our Lord Jesus Christ.  He took flesh, died, and ascended to heaven.  It is as if He agreed to be in the flood of the temporal.  Is this stream dragging you headlong?  Hold on to Christ.  He became temporal for you, so that you might become eternal, for He became temporal in such a way that He remained eternal. 

What difference is there between two men in a prison when one of them is a convict and the other a visitor!  Sometimes a man comes to visit his friend, and it seems that both are in prison, but there is a great difference between them.  One of them is held there because of guilt, while the other has come out of love for humankind.  Thus it is with our mortality: guilt holds us here, but Christ had come out of mercy.  He came freely into bondage, and not as a convict.


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