Message to all St. Nicholas U.C.W.L.C. Members

Posted on: February 10th, 2017

Our branch is taking on a new approach to executive positions.  We are pleased to announce that Veronica Straty has agreed to be our treasurer for 2017.  Thank you Veronica!!

To fill the other positions, president, vice-president, secretary, a three person executive committee has been nominated.  Eleanor Busko, Bernie Mandrusiak and Barb Olynyk will share duties of the three positions during the course of the year.  Ladies, if you have any UCWLC questions, comments or concerns, you may speak to any member of the executive committee.

One of the first priorities is our membership drive, which will take place throughout the month of February.  Ladies, please pay your membership of $20.00 to Veronica by the end of this month, as she has to send them off at the beginning of March.  We welcome all ladies of our parish to join.

Meetings will not be held monthly this year.  Rather, we will meet roughly every 6 weeks.  Please take a draft calendar from the foyer.

A proposed list of committees and activities is also available at the registration table.  Please help yourself to any information you would like, to help you decide where you would like to be involved.  We encourage all members to sign up to one committee or activity for 2017.  Many hands make the work lighter and more fun.  There is also an opportunity for you to add anything else you would like to see our branch involved in.

Let's all work together for the  Glory of God and for the good of our parish community!!! 

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